Our relationship to objects and the objects that we choose to keep and collect interests me. How the narratives and mysteries that become entwined within objects affect and alter them and our perceptions of them. My own personal button collection comprising buttons collected over 4 generations intrigued me. I became interested by the stories associated with the buttons and soon discovered that other people had similar stories associated with their own button collections. The original work created in 2002 led on to the work ‘Button Plus’ which considered ideas associated with a combined object and memory.
This work was made as a result of an opportunity to go to Italy with a group of woodcarvers. Our inspiration was ‘butterflies’ because a rare butterfly lives in the vicinity. I also wanted to include my own response to Italy. There were restrictions on the project as all tools and materials had to be transported by air in our luggage and the work had to be completed during a one-week stay. The work remains in Italy.
I have a keen interest in environmental issues and look to using materials that ‘already are’, manipulating them into something else. The inspiration for this work was everyday stationery items and waste paper – in particular office paper and envelopes that find their way into the waste bin everyday. I began collecting this and the work was made over a period of 6 months of collecting.
This recent work was inspired by Maggie’s continuing research into the overlooked and undervalued in our everyday lives; those ordinary things that have such familiarity as to have become almost invisible. Stitching, that ancient and fundamental constructional method contains the contradictions of both fragility and strength. Using the repeated rhythmic actions of both the sewing machine and a circular stitching motion, in combination with the central geometric building blocks of construction, those frequently unseen elements of everyday construction become three dimensional forms made from thread and time.